Welcome to Herstorie

This website collects data on women throughout history. Herstorie pays tribute to the past generations of women who laid the foundation on which we women of today and the future stand. The goal of this website is to showcase women in both traditional and untraditional roles. Two New York-based librarians, who were inspired to create Herstorie after uncovering stories about remarkable women during research. Hopefully, Herstorie will provide a starting point for those interested in researching the topics covered. Its main mission is to find and reintroduce women whom history has forgotten or historians have overlooked.

The website is arranged by subject and presents the names of remarkable women from various historical periods and cultural backgrounds. These topics are primarily paths to textual information. For each individual or subject, links are given to websites that can give more insight on the topic or help in research. When possible, links to sites that end with .edu, .gov, or .org are provided. In some cases, links to books one can preview are listed, along with their citations (Chicago Manual of Style). The citations are drawn from the original sources, but it is always good practice to double check whether citations follow the most recent standards. The site also presents a list of online videos, organized by subject.

The name Herstorie is a play on words, letting viewers know the site tells her story. The site is a work in progress, and requests to cover a particular topic or individual may be submitted to Herstorie for consideration.